New Best Friend Contract
Seller: Kanda Kennels
Owner: Kimberly Moore and Adrienne Kirkland
Address: Reeds Spring, MO 65737
Phones: (Kim) 417.248.0093 or (Adrienne) 417.263.2003
City & State: _______________ Phone # ______________________________________ Price: ______________
Terms: Full Registration or Limited Registration (circle one)
Description of Puppy:
Breed: Labrador Retriever Great Dane Beagle (circle one)
Color: Harlequin Merle Chocolate Black Yellow (circle one)
Sex: Male_____ Female _____
Date of Birth -_____/_____/_____
Puppy Registration # SR
Breeders Agreement / Health and Hips Guarantee
This is a purebred puppy with AKC registration (full or limited). Breeder does not guarantee against any communicable diseases beyond 72 hours (3days) of buyers receiving puppy. The breeder guarantees the above puppy for 1 year from date of birth against any genetic defects that would be life threatening / altering to the dog. The diagnosis must take place within the first year for this claim to be valid. Dog must be treated by a licensed vet and all documents must be sent to the breeders vet for verification. This genetic health guarantee is for all internal organs and issues that are not visible on a routine physical examination. All vaccinations and check-ups must be performed by a liscenced veterinarian and records kept for this contract to be valid. This contract is null and void and breeders are NOT responsible for any issues that may arise if there is any indication of malnutrition, neglect, obesity, abuse, or any other improper handling of the puppy or if proper veterinary vaccinations, check-ups, and records are not current and complete. Puppies will be fed Purina Puppy Chow prior to leaving breeders.
The above puppy is guaranteed against genetic hip dysplasia for a period of 1 year from the date of birth. If dysplasia is suspected, x-rays must be taken by a vet and sent to OFA for an official reading with abnormal results (mild, moderate, or sever). Breeder does not cover any form of dysplasia that is not genetic (i.e. Obesity, malnutrition, neglect etc.) to ensure this is not the case, puppy must be kept current on all regular vet checkups and vaccinations. Puppies will be sent home with current vet record of vaccines given and will be vet checked in good health before being released to the buyer. Puppy cannot be bred prior to the 2nd birthday or this guarantee is null and void. If any problems arise and all documentation has been received, the buyer will then be entitled to a replacement puppy of same sex and color in the next available litter or cash refund ( up to breeder to decide at time). This guarantee is non transferable. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses for replacement puppy and will also keep the original dog purchased.
Buyer agrees that this puppy will at no time during its lifetime be abandoned or released to a shelter for any reason. If at any time buyer is no longer able to care for this dog the buyer will contact the seller and give seller a chance to help with the relocation of the dog. A $50 re-homing fee may be required.
Breeder will release the above puppy to the buyer once it clears a vet examination and has been fully weaned and had its first set of shots. Pups will go home with AKC application, health records with vaccines given, 1 year health / hip guarantee, and a small bag of premium food to start them on.
If your puppy experiences any hip related problems, you can send your x-rays to OFA for an official reading at anytime, the puppy does not have to be over 1 year of age for the readings just for permanent certification, the x-rays must be marked with puppies AKC # to be valid.
If at any time you have a problem or concern, we welcome you to call or e-mail us with any questions you might have.
This puppy has been checked and found to be sound and in good health by Allphin Veterinary Clinic prior to release to buyer.
Allphin Veterinary Clinic
MO-76, Branson West, MO 65737
Date: _____/_____/_____